The Amgen Teach SPOWs results

Find out what the participants said about this series of webinars!

Amgen Teach ran a series of three Science Project Online Workshops (SPOWs) organised jointly with Scientix within the framework of the STEM Discovery Campaign 2021. The Amgen Teach Project offered, over a three-week period, three events with participants posing questions, researching information, diagnosing problems, while discussing the outcomes with experts in the field.

In order to preserve the quality fo the events, they were closed and out of 20 participants, 10 were STEM teachers and the rest were divided into various other fields, strengthening the importance this training had for teachers even outside of the Science Technology Engineering and Math subjects.

According to post-event surveys, to the question "did you enjoyed the event? 16 teachers answered "strongly agree" and the remaining 4 with "agree". All participants agreed that "the preparatory materials sent a week before the first online session facilitated interaction between participants" even if a few indicated the desire for it to have been face to face.

We hope to see our participants in the next series of face-to-face Science Project Workshop!