Virus Alert in Stayhompton!

A fun way to teach your students about how the spread of viruses can be contained

"Virus Alert in Stayhompton" is a freely available board game for young people age 12 and up, developed with scientists from IST Austria, the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology and the science education NGO eduB. By simulating the spread of a fictitious virus in a small town, the players learn how the spread of viruses can be contained.

Teaching basic concepts from epidemiology, working with data, and critical thinking, "Virus Alert in Stayhompton" is not only suitable for use at home, but also for in-classroom use and in other group settings. To empower teachers to use the game productively in their science classroom, we created a special Teacher Edition of the game, with accompanying materials and background information for teachers.

Both the Home Edition and the Teacher Edition are available for self-printout.

The Teacher Edition was created in cooperation with the University College for Teacher Education of Vienna.

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