Italian Teachers share their Amgen Teach experience!

Country in Focus article #7 is all about Italy and Amgen Teach teachers talking about their activities, training and implementation of new ideas in their classrooms.

Six of these teachers (who are mostly in lower secondary school) shared with us their experience on the Amgen Teach trainings in their country!


Floriana Fabbrini, lower secondary school teacher, Naples

"In the classroom, the first thing I noticed was that the emotions I had experienced during the training, were being experienced by my students. They were bewildered, faced with this new way of presenting a lesson, but also curious to try. It was a success! They are passionate and, guided by a teacher, no longer afraid to present and defend their ideas, experience them, experiment with them and finally, discuss and share them with their colleagues."

Teresita Gravina, lower secondary school teacher, Naples

"An added value of AMGEN teach course was being part of a community; this is very important for a teacher, because teaching is a strange work, you spend a lot of time at school, but it is difficult to have the opportunity to compare your idea with others. For this reason to be part of a community is an opportunity to improve your ideas and knowledge. The Amgen Teach community has an added value, strongly motivated teacher compose it and it is a pleasure to be part of this movement and share ideas and new teaching activity. The AMGEN Teach course for me was the beginning of a great adventure that allows me to discover many opportunities for career development and participate in a European project."

Annalisa Cera, lower secondary school teacher, Veneto

"The AMGEN course that I have attended allowed me to greatly improve my knowledge on IBSE and in particular, to gain enough confidence on the various tools and best strategies that could be implemented in my courses. I have found particularly useful the case studies that, together with my colleagues, could be effectively implemented with my students. During these workshops, we could also play the "students" role, which allowed us to think about the key aspects of the IBSE and itʼs didactical role. My three key learnings after this course are: Sharing, Planning and Growing. The AMGEN workshop offers an incentive for the implementation of more effective didactical methods and overall a great opportunity for a personal and professional growth. As a teacher, I think it is very important to continuously fuel the passion for teaching Science and fostering curiosity and research spirit in our students."

Rosanna Pellegrini, lower secondary school teacher, Veneto

"Adding an investigatory procedure at bottom of teaching, the learning mechanism become more significant. The Amgen Teach course allow me to examine in depth the importance of a teaching method based on pupil's way of thinking and doing; in front of a scientific problem kids are active and able to develop and experiment personal and efficient resolving strategies. It is important to be able to give our children the possibility to experience new methodologies in order to strengthen this ability through the years. I believe that Amgen Teach approach offers the opportunity to lay the groundwork for across-the-board competence in all the subjects and essential base for the growth of informed people."

Carla Scarabino, secondary school teacher, Naples

"An acronym for the IBSE method: Innovative Best practice Successful Endearing

I started using the IBSE method in a class of secondary school, and I was surprised by the enthusiasm and the goals achieved in a short time by the classroom. Pupils have built personally, actively and gradually their knowledge, starting from their spontaneous ideas or even from their misconceptions, that thanks to the various steps of the path (Engage, explore, explain, elaborate, evaluate) have been transformed, under my careful and structured guide, in established scientific knowledge. The modules have been characterized by a continuous learner-teacher interaction and favored a brainstorming and cooperative learning. AMGEN Teach project gave me the possibility to be introduced to IBSE through an excellent training course! Exploration, discovery, ability to stimulate pupils and motivation are the key words of the Inquiry Based Science Education."

Anna Guarracino, lower secondary school teacher, Rome

"I am a science teacher in an Italian middle school and I have applied the IBSE approach this year for the first time. At the initial stage, the students asked questions with careful approach, subsequently to the trial phase they have expanded their interests appreciating this way to learn. They acquired new knowledge through insights, which triggered new interests on issues related to the experiment. The class worked almost independently showing critical thinking skills and good inclination to the experimental sciences. As far as I am concerned, the IBSE approach has reversed permanently my way to teach, because I have found that traditional methods tend to annoy and to demotivate learners just after a few months of lessons. IBSE method has strengthened and enhanced my proficiency."