Polish Ambassadors’ National Webinars 2020: a success in numbers

A summary of the successful Polish Language webinars hosted by the Amgen Teach ambassadors


Amgen Teach Ambassadors Renata Sidoruk-Soloducha and Aleksandra Kwiek held webinars in their national language on the days 7 and 8 April. The topics covered were "Chemia w walce z drobnoustrojami" and "IBSE-doświadczenia tradycyjnie i cyfrowo w nauczaniu zdalnym".

Considering the current emergency, participation rate was surprisingly high. Both webinars together had over 1,500 viewers at their peak, with an extimated reach of around 200k!

All the files and resource materials are available on bit.ly/ambasadaibse. This page also has a video file - retransmission.

If you would like to re-watch both webinars, they are available on Facebook at current address: