Amgen Teach supports STEM Discovery Week 2017!

STEM Discovery Week is an initiative aiming to celebrate the opportunities business-education collaboration offers to schools and companies to improve STEM teaching, learning and careers. The next STEM Discovery Week campaign will take place on 24-30 April 2017! This year, particular focus will be placed on professionals going back to schools and raising students' interest in STEM careers.

In this regard, Amgen Teach invites you all to organise training activities during the STEM Discovery week and participate in the "STEM Professionals Go Back To School" (PGB2S) scheme, a STEM Alliance programme aiming to engage company professionals (technicians, engineers, researchers, employment managers, etc.) to visit schools and participate in collaborative activities. More info here.

You can also participate in STEM competitions and register for the new STEM Careers MOOC!

One of the competitions in Scientix portal is to create your own STEM education-related event between 24 and 30 April. In this competition, there are two categories of events.

Category A: Bring an industry professional to school

Are you interested in organising an event with companies or the industry? If yes, you can use the new tool developed by the Professionals Go Back to School scheme of the STEM Alliance project! Use the tool to set-up your event and submit the information to us using the form scheme's tool! As soon as you are ready with your event, make sure you ALSO tell us about it by filling in the online form on this web page.

Category B: Any other STEM event

This category is open to all events that do not fall under the criteria used in Category A.

  • Organise a poster presentation in a school on STEM
  • Organise a visit to a company with your school
  • Bring a researcher to your classroom
  • Organise a visit to a science centre
  • More ideas: Suggest another type of event on STEM Education and STEM Skills!

Additionally, you can choose whether or not you want to enter our competition with your event. If you do, make sure you tick the appropriate box in the online submission form. Scientix will award two participants in Category B, and STEM Alliance award one participant for each 50 eligible submissions. 

Furthermore, the Amgen Teach training activities during STEM Discovery Week are the following:


Join us by sharing your innovative ideas and actions to promote STEM subjects and careers with your pupils in the classroom and outside of the school!

See you at the #STEMDiscoveryWeek !