Register for the 10th Distance Learning Activity!

Apply to participate in the 10th Distance Leaning Activity "MoleCOOLar Kitchen"! The activity will take place on 10-14 April 2017, with a live webinar on 11th April 2017, 8:00 p.m. CET with expert Dominika Panek and for a second session during STEM Discovery Week. Language: Polish


Register for the Distance Learning Activity #10 here!

Have you ever considered ice cream with liquid nitrogen? Well, this is only one of the very unusual topics we are going to discuss about during the DLA #10! It is a unique opportunity to find out how an inquiry based science learning could be applied in a MoleCOOLar Kitchen! 

The aim of this DLA session is to make the participants familiar with scientific ideas and procedures ready to use in the kitchen. We will focus on emulsification, fluorescence, gelation and spherification. Presenters will show as well as tastebud-friendly inexpensive and easy to run experiments which might be provided in the chemistry, biology and natural science classes or in your own kitchen.

DLA10 will be held in Polish for both sessions:

Session 1: 10-14/4/2017

Session 2: 24-28/4/2017 (STEM Discovery Week Session).

Find out more on the DLA #10 page.