Training Providers updates

Maison pour la Science (France) and Development Workshop (Turkey) presented the Amgen Teach Program during meetings to teachers

Amgen Teach Training providers introduced interdisciplinary classroom implementation and Inquiry Based Learning to their national audiences.

Development Workshop (Turkey) saw expert teachers Emek Kocak and Fethi Ahmet Oner, together with their colleague Hediye Mete attend the second International Congress on Geographical Education. At the Congress, the teachers run an inquiry-based workshop that provide teachers opportunities to experience how to connect the topic of biodiversity in biology curriculum with that of environmental cycles in geography curriculum.

Maison pour la Science (France) presented the Amgen Teach program during two meetings to 14 Schools between 8-11 October. It tured out to be extremely productive as participants shared how their beliefs about teaching and learning have changed as well as their willingness to implement inquiry in their classrooms.