Federica Minucci, Italy

Case Study Federica Minucci


School: Istituto Comprensivo "A. Gramsci", Aprilia

Subject and Grade Taught: Maths and Science. Age group: 11-14

Years' Teaching: 14 years

Participation in Amgen Teach: Two years

Federica is a qualified teacher in Science and Mathematics and has been part of the Amgen Teach Community for the last two years.

"Amgen Teach has increased my knowledge and my confidence in using the IBSE methods. Thanks to Amgen Teach, I have discovered a new way to teach science!"

When talking about the way the training has affected her engagement with the students, she replies, "I have had the opportunity to think about the difficulties that students have when they work by themselves developing hypothesis, and what can happen when they work together in a small group. Amgen Teach has helped me teach my students how important it is to build up knowledge, starting from what they already know."

Not only has her confidence increased, she also sees a change in the students' level of engagement. In fact, she now pays more attention in how the groups are set up. "It is important that the shyest students or those with low self-esteem can also experience IBSE, participate fully and work in groups."