Four years of Amgen Teach in numbers

Launched in 2014, Amgen Teach has supported over 4,012 science teachers to date across Europe through meaningful professional development opportunities. Now, Amgen Teach has just published the infographics showing in numbers the programme's evolution in the last four years!

Amgen Teach deepens student interest and achievement in science by strengthening the ability of life science secondary school teachers to use inquiry-based teaching strategies in the classroom. Rather than just presenting facts or encouraging rote memorisation from a book, inquiry in the classroom involves the students posing questions, researching information, diagnosing problems, understanding cause and effect, debating with peers, forming coherent arguments and critiquing experiments.

Offered in multiple languages and supporting national curricula, Amgen Teach uses training workshops and distance learning events to provide educators with the skills and confidence to spark a love of science in students. Surveys consistently show that up to 98% of participants would recommend Amgen Teach to other teachers with 83% saying that that the program had improved their understanding of inquiry-based science education.

Amgen Teach is a funded by the Amgen Foundation with direction and technical assistance provided by European Schoolnet, a Brussels-based NGO that aims to bring innovation in teaching and learning across a network of 30 Ministries of Education across Europe.

The program is available during the academic year 2018-2019 in Austria, Belgium, Czech, France, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Spain and Turkey.




European Infographic:


Belgian Infographics:

Spanish Infographics:

Czech Infographic:

Austrian Infographic:

Irish Infographics:


French Infographic:

Italian Infographic:

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