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Every month, we bring you new case studies - the stories of the teachers who took part in Amgen Teach trainings accross Europe and improved their teaching methods and approach to life science.




Tunahan Oncel, Turkey

Tunahan has 14 years of experience with teaching science to second grade students and joined Amgen Teach in the second year of the programme.
"I observed that by adopting the inquiry-based approach, my students learn about the difference in the directions of electricity and electron flow. They can set up an experiment by themselves to find out the answers to the questions that they are curious about," he says. Read his story.

Dilek Yildirim, Turkey

Dilek is a science teacher with 19 years of experience, who has recently joined the Amgen Teach Community.
"After Amgen Teach, I feel I can implement inquiry-based science education in my classroom. I observed so many unexpected changes not only for me personally, but also for my students," she says. Read her story.

Mercedes Saludes, Spain

Mercedes Saludes has been teaching science and chemistry for 11 years. She joined the Amgen Teach Community during the third year of the programme and commends the project for helping her "initiate debates on medicine, biotechnology and nanotechnology with students." Read her story

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