Teachers share their experience with IBSE in new Amgen Teach video

Have a look at the video and find out about teachers' experience with the 4th year of Amgen Teach.

In the video, you can listen to teachers explain more about the benefits of Inquiry-Based Education (IBSE). 

Do you want to know more about how the Amgen Teach project supports life science teachers in Europe? Teachers share their experience after the fourth year of activity of the project. According to teachers, using IBSE in class helps the students feel more involved and the methodology of Amgen Teach helps them learn how to ask questions and verify hypothesis. IBSE allows students to understand even very difficult phenomena in science. 

"Planning IBSE lessons takes time, but the results are absolutely fantastic," said Miryam Winters, teacher from Ireland. 

Renata Sidoruk Soloducha, teacher from Poland, said: "Amgen Teach enhanced my abuility to use IBSE and enhanced my possibilities to prepare interesting lessons and experiments for my class."

Marta Panisi, teacher from Italy, highlighted the importance of creating teachers' community: "If we become a community, we can actually share methods and we can exchange not only things about the matters we teach, but also the way we teach."