Upcoming Czech Trainings in August!

The Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague is organizing two summer schools for science teachers in August as a part of the Amgen Teach Programme - read below to find out more about the trainings!



Phoenix Project - Space Adventures

Camp Dates: 14. - 19.8. 2016
Age categories: 10-15 years
Capacity: 24 young chemists

Imagine a not too distant future where humanity has sent the first colonists on Mars. Back on Earth, they are supported by a team of elite scientists whose job is to communicate with the colonists and seek solutions to all sorts of problems they will face. For 5 days, students and teachers will participate in a simulation which will educate them of the various aspects of science subjects.

Summer School "Chemistry for Life"

Dates: 23-25th August 2016
Age categories: organized for high school teachers and high school students

The Summer school for high school teachers and high school students is an accredited educational program and is part of the service ICT Prague secondary schools. During the event there is a mutually inspiring gathering of leading experts in ICT and high school teachers. Lectures are focused on new trends and knowledge from different fields of chemistry, which is not subject to the normal standard of secondary education. School teachers can then based on newly acquired knowledge and information to motivate their students to study chemistry. For students, summer school is a varied menu of laboratory tasks in modern laboratories, ICT Prague. At the end of the summer school, each participant will receive a certificate that confirms the completion of the "Summer School high school teachers and high school students."


For more information about the trainings, contact the Institute of Chemical Technology or email us at amgenteach@eun.org!