Second Leadership Meeting for Amgen Teach

On 12. and 13. July, Amgen Teach brought together representatives from the Amgen Foundation and six of its training providers - science2school (Austria), The Institute of Chemical Technology (Czech Republic), ANISN (Italy), WCIES (Poland), FCRi (Spain), and TED University (Turkey) - to discuss the achievements of the project so far and plan activities and events for the 3rd year.

Training providers presented their progress with teacher trainings so far and the events they are organising in the next months. The Czech Republic and Turkey are the ones to kick-off the 3rd year activities, with the two summer courses coming up in August: the Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague is organising a Summer Science Camp on 16-19 August and a Summer school for science teachers on 23-25 August.

External evaluators were also present at the meeting and presented their analysis of the feedback from teachers who participated in the trainings. Above all, those who attended reported their satisfaction with the quality of the trainings, the creative learning environment and the knowledge gained.

"If you stimulate the interest of students, even complex subjects can be processed more easily", said one teacher in Austria at of the workshops organised by science2school.

Participants in the meeting also took time to upload some of their resources to the newly launched resource repository and stated that they enjoyed its polished and simplified look. Regarding the Amgen Teach community of teachers across Europe, they expressed their ambition to continue expanding and engaging teachers and encouraging them to stay connected with each other online - if you'd like to become a part of our online network, you can join and post your messages on the forum to exchange ideas and opinions.

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