Science Slam from our Training Provider in Austria!

Do you know what a Science Slam is? Well, our Amgen Teach partner in Austria, Christian Bertsch, can show you!


A Science Slam (similar to a poetry slam) is when researchers present their academic work to an interested non-academic audience.

From the evolution of language to the gender wealth gap, from sustainable packaging design through improved operating theaters to the question of how social monkeys solve cognitive conflicts! With lots of stage action, humor and hobbyist highlights, 5 exciting research projects were brought to the stage in the sold out Metropol in Vienna.

At the end, the audience (650 people) nominated the natural science didacticist Christian Bertsch (PH Vienna) with his courageous daughter Ella to the Slam Champions of the evening (22/3/2018)!

Have a look at the 6-minutes video below summarizing some of the reserach our Training Provider in Austria is conducting on science learning. It is in german with english subtitles.