Amgen Teach: Engaging Science Educators’ Practices Continue to be Best Practices in Education in Turkey!

Amgen Teach: Engaging Science Educators' Practices took place with two workshops in the 13th Best Practices in Education Conference held over 1000 participants from all over Turkey!

Our team consisting of TED University instructors who organize the trainings of Amgen Teach: Engaging Science Educators project funded by the Amgen Foundation with direction and technical assistance provided by the Brussels-based NGO European Schoolnet and the teachers who participated in these trainings met with academicians, representatives of NGOs, parents, and people who are interested in education from the private sector on April 2, 2016 to share their "Best Practices in Education" at the conference held in Sabanci University. Out of 41 workshops at the 13th conference, the Turkish Engaging Science Educators team shared 2 different workshops with the participants.

In the first inquiry-based workshop, the participants actively attended interactive activities using logical reasoning on the concept of classification. During this process, the participants not only experienced thinking approach but also had the opportunity to make pedagogical judgments.

Another best practice of the project which is an inquiry-based workshop providing opportunities for the participants to think on concepts such as gravity, free fall, and weight also saw high interest at the conference. The participants experienced student-centered and inquiry-based pedagogical approaches by taking the role of learner. The workshop ended with AmgenTeach teachers' sharing of their classroom experiences and questions and comments from the participants.