Over 800 activities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education in 40 countries were organised as part of this year's STEM Discovery Week campaign reaching over 50,000 teachers, pupils, and other people interested in STEM Education. And for the first time, Scientix connected live, with selected activities broadcast via Facebook and YouTube, reaching additional thousands of viewers!


The 2018 STEM Discovery Week, led this year by Scientix, in collaboration with the SYSTEMIC and STEM Alliance initiatives, also brought together projects like PERFORM and STIMEY, and 16 other projects in STEM education, with 38 organisations and 37 schools as official partners. See the full list of partners here.

During the campaign, people got introduced first-hand to all the amazing work that science teachers, organisations and companies are doing on a daily basis to motivate learners about STEM studies and careers. This year, in addition, eighteen activities were streamed live, in which teachers and other educators demonstrated to viewers online what instruments, tools and pedagogy they used. They covered a wide range of subjects, including biology, ecology, engineering, robotics, programming and computer science.

During the STEM Discovery Week, all the participants shared information about their activities on a map. And for the first time, there were activities organised in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Indonesia, Tunisia and the United States!

Anyone who organised an activity could also request access to a STEM Discovery Week blog. Before the STEM Discovery Week ended, there were already more than 100 articles published, in which teachers and other educators, as well as industry representatives, wrote about their work in the field of STEM. This blog has proved to be an insightful source of inspiration, reflection and ideas for classroom scenarios!