Ireland - Professional Development Service for Teachers

The Professional Development Service for Teachers (PDST), under the auspices of the Department of Education and skills is committed to empowering and supporting teachers in order to enhance learning and teaching approaches that foster learning for the teacher and the students in their classroom. As a team we are dedicated to making a significant impact on the quality of the educational experience of every pupil in both primary and post-primary schools in Ireland. Our mission is to support teachers as reflective practitioners by providing a range of professional development initiatives that support teachers learning, collaboratio and evidence-based practice.

The provision of continuing professional development (CPD) can be both exciting and demanding. Organisational coherence and collaboration facilitates the on-going development of a trusting and professional working environment for PDST.



Face to Face Trainings in Ireland


Trainings 2018/2019

Starting date



Trainings 2017/2018

Starting date


Inquiry approaches and laboratory skills in Biology teaching 26/09/2017 University of Limerick
Inquiry approaches and laboratory skills in Biology teaching 28/09/2017 University College Cork
Inquiry approaches and laboratory skills in Biology teaching 07/10/2017 Temple Carrig School, Greystones
Inquiry approaches and laboratory skills in Biology teaching 17/04/2018 + 24/04/2018 University College Dublin 

Trainings 2016/2017

Starting date


Workshop 1 22/11/2016 Limerick Education Centre
Workshop 2 23/11/2016 Tralee Education Centre
Workshop 3 29/11/2016 Kilkenny Education Centre
Workshop 4 30/11/2016 Kildare Education Centre
Workshop 5 01/12/2016 Dublin West
Workshop 6 05/12/2016 Donegal Education Centre
Workshop 7 06/12/2016 Athlone Education Centre
Workshop 8 07/12/2016 Galway Education Centre
Workshop 9 12/12/2016 Blackrock Education Centre
Workshop 10 13/12/2016 Navan Education Centre
Workshop 11 14/12/2016 Cork Education Support Centre
Workshop 12 16/01/2017 Drumcondra Education Centre
Workshop 13 17/01/2017 Laois Education Centre



Day 1

This workshop will support the JC Science CWB investigations 2017. This workshop will:

  • facilitate networking and collaborating with colleagues in other schools
  • provide a suite of resources to enhance engagement of students with scientific inquiry.
  • provide guidance in facilitation skills

Day 2

This school-based forum will provide the opportunity to:

  • share what they have learned with their school colleagues
  • encourage inquiry based learning with colleagues
  • share the resources provided on Day 1

Day 3

This workshop will be clustered and take place in and Education Centre. The workshop will:

  • facilitate the development of ‘stimulus to engage' skills
  • elicit feedback and updates on the 2017 JC Science CWB investigations
  • provide novel practical resources to enhance inquiry-based  learning


Trainings 2015/2016



 Electricity, Force and Heat — The Essentials   7/11/2015   Gonzaga College - Dublin
 Biology Investigations  14/11/2015  Waterpark College - Galway
PDST Agricultural Science Farm Walk and IBL 4-5/03/2016 Roscommon
Using Sensors to Conduct Inquiry Based Learning in Chemistry Day 14/05/2016 University Of Limerick



Trainings 2014/2015



 Inquiry in Science  Saturday, 18 October, 2014  NUI Maynooth. Co. Kildare
 Sensors in Science  28 February, 2015   NUI Maynooth. Co. Kildare
 Earth and Space  18 April, 2015  NUI Maynooth. Co. Kildare