DLA #7 - Schedule

May 2nd - 6th 2016

Day 1. – Pre live session (familiarisation) (May 2nd)

In the dedicated online space participants introduce themselves in a forum. The expert introduces him/herself, the topic and some related references (either text, web resources or video) teachers need to read. ( all this is text or a video or a mixture)

Day 2. - Live session talking about MBP2, AB and IRIS, taking questions from delegates (WebEx) (May 3rd)

The expert supported by an EUN moderator, gives a live presentation of 45 – 60 min. on the topic of the DLA, with live discussion afterwards

The webinar will be on May 3rd (Time 19:30 CET)

Day 3. and 4 (May 4th&5th)

During these days, in the DLA linked community, the expert poses 2- 3 leading questions and/or tasks for the participants to discuss or carry out. A help section is provided for assistance.

Set Tasks

The set tasks will revolve aound the questions set by the expert. For eaxmple, here are some of the issues you may reflect on; what would teachers need to do to establish a project like this in their school? What training would they need? What equipment? What support? Is there a local university / hospital / pharma-company they could approach for support(financial or practical)? What would their objectives be (raise participation, raise attainment, raise STEM awareness, encourage higher study)?

During Day 4, a Q&A session will take place.

Day 5 (May 6th)

The session will ends with a summative forum discussion where the expert reviews the topic, picks out relevant points from the discussion and invites the participants to share their own experiences and discuss relevant resources