Case Studies

  • Federica Minucci, Italy

    Case Study Federica Minucci

    "I have had the opportunity to think about the difficulties that students have when they work by themselves developing hypothesis, and what can happen when they work together in a small group. Amgen Teach has helped me teach my students how important it is to build up knowledge, starting from what they already know."

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  • Emel Gürkan, Turkey

    Emel Gürkan, Turkey

    "Thanks to Amgen Teach I understand the way my students think and by asking the right questions I help them understand the topic on their own"

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  • Jordi Prims, Spain

    Jordi Prims

    "What I like most about Amgen Teach is the quality of the teachers, the great materials that provide ideas about what to implement in the class room, and the diversity of teachers involved in the training."

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  • Fethi Ahmet Öner, Turkey

    "Using inquiry-based methods, I have taught the students to question and investigate. They now better understand the importance of science and as a result, their overall results have improved."

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  • Ondrej Simunek, Czech Republic

    "Thanks to Amgen Teach, I now have a lot of new ideas on how to exploit cooperative education, problem-based learning and interactive quizzes. Many of the associated activities make the students really eager to problem solve."

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  • Grażyna Armatys, Poland

    "Ideas shared during the course have allowed me to use a variety of methodologies and working tools. Participating in training also means meeting new teachers and exchanging our professional experiences."

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  • Gilda Fiengo, Italy

    "I have learnt that is very important to stimulate discussions and comparison amongst my students. To stimulate their curiosity, I now introduce new subjects with an interesting question, based on everyday problems."

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  • Miryam Winters, Ireland

    "Although challenging, I feel it so worthwhile as the evidence is displayed in the students' ability to understand concepts and carry out the experiments with confidence"

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  • Ayşegül Çelik, Turkey

    Ayşegül Çelik Case Study Turkey

    "I learned the importance of asking the right questions and how to combine the part of science that I enjoy with inquiry-based physics."

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  • Petra Menova, Czech Republic

    Picture Petra Menova, Czech Republic

    "The only way to have highly motivated and passionate students is to have highly motivated and passionate teachers, who are willing to transform the classic dull science lessons into a lot of fun."

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