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If you wish to get in touch with the Ambassador in your country, check out their profiles below and do not hesitate to contact them for any questions on how to get involved and implement IBSE in your own classroom!


Basile Salmon
  Miryam Winters
  Ondra Šimůnek
Czech Republic
  Radek Nesiba
Czech Republic
Elżbieta Milewska
  Renata Sidoruk Soloducha
  Jale Göktepe
  Dilek Yıldırım


Amgen Teach Ambassadors are Expert Teachers, who were selected through the call for Ambassadors, launched in February 2019. The purpose of the Amgen Teach Ambassador network is to help disseminate the Amgen Teach programme, share their experience in Inquiry Based Science Education (IBSE) and exchange practices and knowledge with peers in their respective countries. Furthermore, Ambassadors present Amgen Teach to larger audiences, such as schools and national teacher associations, conferences and workshops as well as advising teachers on how to get involved and successfully apply IBSE in their classrooms.

Ambassador's Qualifications

Amgen Teach Ambassadors have the following competencies:

  • Experience in implementing IBSE.
  • Are active in the Amgen Teach community of practice.
  • Have participated in previous Amgen Teach face-to-face trainings, Distance Learning Activities (DLAs) and the Amgen Teach massive open online course (MOOC).
  • Have a proven record of participation/contribution to national teachers' events, conferences etc.